our wood: timber with a history

We use only European domestic wood from construction sites or from building demolitions. Each piece of wood has lived a long life and is used to wind and weather. Understand that cracks, impurities, and holes are stylistic features used intentionally and do not constitute defects. In addition, we ask you to heed the following tips, as we assume no responsibility for incorrect customer-installation and maintenance.

Proper installation: ideal conditions for a long life

Wood swells in excessively humid rooms and dries out in overly dry climates. The ideal room temperature is between 18 to 23 degrees Celsius with humidity of 52-65%. In most residential and commercial premises, these conditions are the normal state. However, there are circumstances in which deviations occur. Talk to us if you believe one or more of the following situations apply to you:

Sunlight variations:

Similar to human skin, the wood surface is sensitive to direct sunlight. Too much sun will dry out the wood. If the furniture sits half in the shade and half in the blazing sun, the effects are soon visible.

Floor heating:

If your home has a floor heating system, know that what may be quite enjoyable for the feet may not be for the room atmosphere. Often a room with heated floors results in very dry air quality, which is equally unhealthy for humans and wood. Solid wood furniture does not like to stand in the immediate vicinity of a fireplace or other heating sources.

Storing furniture:

You need to temporarily store your furniture? Make sure that an attic is not too hot. In cold, damp cellars, wood stored for long will require drying processes that may cause it to warp.

Moving your edictum furniture:

Moving a piece of furniture in a new building or a renovated apartment? Then a high humidity is likely because of drying processes of building materials.

Care instructions: For radiantly beautiful furniture!

Our surface treatments give your furniture the wherewithal for timeless beauty. We only use products of the ecologically conscious company PNZ from Germany. Our oil and wax are also suitable for children’s toys. All paints are water-based and environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, you should be aware when dealing with massive, treated natural wood a few things:


For routine casual cleaning and care, use a dry duster. For heavier cleaning of soiled areas, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Please do not use under any circumstances aggressive cleaning agents.


Even the strongest protection decreases over time. Therefore, we recommend the periodic treatment of your furniture. How frequently your furniture needs this treatment depends on which surface treatment was originally applied to your piece.

Oiled surfaces

Oiled wood surfaces must be treated regularly because the sealant wears off over time. Therefore, we recommend at least every 4 months a refresher, especially if the piece of furniture is in a very dry or sunny environment. For oiling, use our care oil finely dosed with a spray bottle or a towel. After about 10 minutes, rub the remains with a dry cloth until the surface appears dry. After 24 hours, polish.

Waxed surfaces

Even with waxed surfaces, we recommend a periodic treatment of beeswax balm or care oil. Follow the same procedure described above for oiled surfaces.

Painted surfaces

Painted surfaces should not be refreshed. If the paint is damaged, the wood is no longer protected at this point; moisture can then penetrate the wood and cause it to swell, which then may cause more paint to peel. Therefore, touch up damaged painted areas ​​immediately. We are happy to guide you to or provide you with the correct type of paint.

Steel surfaces with rust

Rust effects on edictum furniture are intended and preserved with a special oil. It prevents further rusting and preserves the status quo. If you become concerned that rust is penetrating or spreading, please contact us for the right oil treatment.

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