An electric guitar in the opera? We’d rather put the opera into the guitar!

Strictly speaking, wood from two large stages is used in this guitar: The thinline body consists of regon pine from the former stage boards of the “Semperoper” Dresden. For the neck we chose pitch pine from the “Volkstheater” Vienna. We? Yes, OPERA – that’s the name of the unusual upcycling electric guitar – is a joint project by edictum UNIQUE FURNITURE and guitar maker Thorndal. How does that sound? You can find out for yourself. Either on YouTube (simply enter Thorndal Opera in the search window) or when auditioning at Thorndal in Bad Berneck. Even if the first opera goes as a gift to a well-known musician, it certainly wasn’t the last of its kind…

technical information

BODY THINLINE: oregon pine “Semperoper” Dresden
ECKN: Pitch pine “Volkstheater” Vienna; fretboard oak recycla; 21 C; Clay Dots; 12”
HARDWARE: Gotoh relic; Duesenberg vintage short bridge
PICKUPS: Thorndal green emerald set with newsilver caps
ELEKTRONIK: Thorndal AVX-Toggleswitch
FINISH: Satin silk hard wax oil with a bees-wax finish

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