The stage floor edition by edictum:

Curtain up for your personal premiere

This wood has seen it all. After all, these planks are real “boards that mean the world”. They survived their first life as a stage floor. Now individual tasks are upcoming in the houses and apartments of real theater fans. Perhaps you will order a bookshelf for the great works of theater literature? But a new edition as a base wood is also conceivable – optionally with or without the original patina. edictum says: We look forward to your creative ideas and implement them for you.

Theatre floor is special wood

Its history is just one factor that makes a retired theater floor so exceptional. Only three types of wood are used in stage construction: pitch pine, Oregon pine and black pine. After cutting the tree, peace returns for a long time. Squared timber and planks are carefully deposited and then carefully selected. Another special feature of the wood is its cut. Upright standing annual rings, so-called “rifts”, are considered an indispensable prerequisite for a good stage floor. 

A look at the types of wood:

Pitch pine, oregon pine and black pine

Oregon pine is a north-american douglas fir species that is knot-free even in large lengths and whose wood has an extremely even grain. Because it has been acclimatized to perfect humidity in mostly monument buildings, it is absolutely perfect for furniture construction.

Pitch pine is heavy pine wood rich in heartwood from honduras and central america. Tight growth rings make it super stable. The wood is rich in resin and has the special property that even screw holes close up again easily. This is an enormous advantage for a stage floor in the theater to which scenery is screwed. For a house floor on which people play and romp, certainly too.

Theatres that attach great importance to resource-saving action are increasingly opting for a floor made of black pine. The wood comes from sustainable forestry in austria.

edictum – UNIQUE FURNITURE und Bühnenbau Wertheim:

A Match made in (Theatre-) Heaven!

How do you get hold of a raw material that is normally not available on the open market? In the beginning there was the idea: to use stage floors to build furniture. With the cooperation with Bühnenbau Wertheim decided in 2019, a dream has come true for me. And all theater fans can share in this dream. Let your imagination run wild. And let the beautiful, time-honoured theatre floorboards into your life. I look forward to building your dream piece of furniture for you.

Certificate of authenticity

edictum gives you a certificate which proofes, that the theatre floorboards really come from the beautiful houses.

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